Destination weddings can be a lot of fun, but only if couples know what they are getting into.  After all, these weddings can be a little different than a regular ceremony in a church followed by a reception at a nearby location.  For a destination wedding, couples need to carefully determine who they want to invite, how they will entertain their guests before and after the wedding and figure out how to choose the perfect location.

Thankfully, there are many people who can help couples with the planning of destination weddings!  Plus, there are a few tips that every couple should know before they even get this process started.

15 Wedding Tips for an Incredible Destination Wedding

  1. Always Choose Who Pays for What in Advance

Since this is a destination wedding, guests may make the assumption that the couple is paying for everything.  Therefore, couples must decide what items they are paying for when it comes to their guests and what their guests will need to cover.  It is then important to let their guests know this information prior to the RSVP date.

  1. Plan the Wedding Well in Advance

Not everyone has the money they need to fly partway around the world to see a couple get married, which is why couples must plan their destination wedding well in advance.  This will ensure that the guests who really want to attend can do so.

  1. Always Choose a Meaningful Destination

While a couple may have always wanted to wed in a small town halfway around the world, it may be better if they choose a destination that means something to them both.  It can also be helpful if couples make sure that the destination that they choose has the resources to give them the best wedding and reception possible.

  1. Keep the Local Traditions and Cultures in Mind for a Destination Wedding

Depending on where a couple has their destination wedding, they may need to be aware of the local traditions and cultures.  This will ensure the couple does not do anything offensive during their ceremony or reception.  The couple should also share pertinent information with their guests, so the guests do not do anything they shouldn’t as well.

  1. Create a Wedding Website

There is a lot of information needed for a destination wedding and the best way for a couple to share it all with their guests is via a wedding website.  Guests can easily look at this website to see where they should be at what time for all scheduled activities.  Guests can also learn about transportation methods, the address of their hotel, and emergency contact information all in one place.

  1. Think Local and Save Money

Depending on the location, brides and grooms can save a lot of money by utilizing the local ambiance for their wedding.  This may mean using gorgeous flowers already in pots, or growing from the ground, down in the tropics or vines and other vineyard items for a wedding in wine country.

  1. Hire a Professional

Couples may think they can easily plan their wedding on their own, but it is difficult to accomplish everything when it comes to destination weddings.  A professional will have completed multiple weddings in the area already and they can help couples deal with any issues that arise.

  1. Create a Budget

Some couples go into their wedding without a budget in mind and then realize they spent more money than they should have later on.  Destination weddings are excellent for couples looking to stay on budget, but they need to have a number in mind before all the planning begins.

  1. Choose Attire to Match the Wedding Destination

A bride’s dress is always the most important piece in a wedding, but a bride will want to choose her dress carefully when deciding to have a destination wedding.

  1. Always Carry the Dress onto the Plane

As a bride is traveling to the destination of her wedding, she may be tempted to check her wedding dress with the rest of her luggage.  Carrying the dress on the plane will prevent it from getting lost before the big day.

  1. Always Arrive to the Wedding in Advance

Couples are going to want to arrive to their wedding destination a few days before the ceremony to welcome their guests and make sure everything is ready.

  1. Never Do Too Much Do-It-Yourself Projects for Destination Weddings

Some couples are super creative and want to tackle many different do-it-yourself projects for their big day.  This can be a mistake for many couples having destination weddings, because there simply isn’t enough time to get it all completed.

  1. Take Advantage of Free Perks

Couples will often get free perks when their guests all stay at the same hotel or resort.  Couples should take advantage of these free perks, since it will make their experience better.

  1. Be Flexible

Every couple knows what they want for their wedding, but flexibility has its perks too.  Sometimes lower rates are offered for different menu options, while extra photographs can be worked into an already agreed upon package.

  1. Don’t Worry about Those Smaller Things

Brides and grooms should never worry about those smaller things at their wedding.  Something is always going wrong at weddings and couples need to forget about those items and focus on what is truly important.


These fifteen wedding tips for destination weddings will have couples enjoying every moment of their destination wedding, as well as the planning that leads up to it.  While couples may not need all these tips, most of them are helpful no matter what type of wedding is being planned.


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