10 Romantic Honeymoon Hideaways

10 Romantic Honeymoon Hideaways

As much as your wedding is a celebration of love, it can feel like a whirlwind. There are relatives whose names you can’t quite remember. There’s the endless planning and the pictures that didn’t quite turn out right.

In other words, your wedding may not be perfect—but your honeymoon can be.

The world is filled with natural wonders, and in each corner, you’ll find destinations that promise you’ll be gushing about your stay for years to come.

From the Caribbean to the South Pacific, the Rocky Mountains to Amalfi Coast, here are 10 hideaways that make for an unforgettable, romantic honeymoon.

Antigua | Hermitage Bay

With direct flights from New York, Miami, Atlanta, and Charlotte, Antigua is just a few hours away once you step out of that bridal suite. At Hermitage Bay, an all-inclusive boutique, you’ll find a haven that makes the most of its natural surroundings. You’ll feel like you’re walking directly from the jungle to the beach with a secluded, cozy individual cabin to return to once you get your fill of relaxation.

Belize | Cayo Espanto

The island resort off the northeast coast of Belize features a range of lodging options, all with private beach fronts and pools. Lounge as you please or take part in activities such as fishing and scuba diving. Either way, the seclusion and bungalows are more reminiscent of the South Pacific than the Caribbean, albeit with much shorter travel from the United States.

Colorado | Beaver Creek

Looking to buck the trend of tropical getaways and beachside lodging? Perhaps the Rocky Mountains provide the perfect setting for your honeymoon. Located some 9,500 feet above sea level, Trappers Cabin at Colorado’s Beaver Creek has everything for adventurous couples craving a private hideaway: a champagne greeting, fireplace, hot tub, gourmet kitchen, Wi-Fi, balcony, housekeeping services, and ski-in/ski-out access, among other amenities.

Fiji | Likuliku Lagoon Resort

If you and your spouse love each other to the edge of the world and back, you can prove it here. The Likuliku Lagoon Resort sits in Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands, just west of the International Date Line. You’ll find stunning ocean and jungle views with clear blue water all around. Likuliku delivers “subtle luxury,” according to its website, although there’s nothing subtle about the location—its beauty is overwhelmingly evident.

Iceland | Silica Hotel

Once a barren outpost in the North Atlantic, Iceland has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. You can still find your escape from the crowds at the Silica Hotel. Located next to the famous Blue Lagoon, Silica provides exclusive guest access to its geothermal waters. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch the Northern Lights while you’re there. No matter what, Iceland promises unforgettable experiences at every turn, from dining in a restaurant built into a lava wall to exploring the architectural delight that is the Icelandic capital, Reykjavik.

Italy | Le Sirenuse

Writing in 1953, American novelist John Steinbeck described Positano, a cliffside village on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, as “a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.” Le Sirenuse puts you in the middle of that idyllic setting, a historic hotel that overlooks the Bay of Positano with all the Italian cuisine and wine you could want.

Mexico | Campera – Hotel Burbuja

A honeymoon in Baja California is the ideal getaway if you’re seeking a Mexican vacation away from tourist traps and a location that is both accessible and remote. The Campera – Hotel Burbuja (literally “Bubble Hotel” in English) offers slumber beneath the stars after long days spent exploring the so-called “Napa Valley of Mexico” in the Valle de Guadalupe. The chic hotel is also less than 100 miles from San Diego, which makes travel convenient.

Puerto Rico | St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort

Travel to the Caribbean without leaving American soil and find paradise while you’re there. The St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort features two miles of secluded beaches with all-encompassing experiences at your fingertips. Go hiking, horseback riding, or explore nearby El Yunque National Forest for an active and relaxing honeymoon.

Seychelles | MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa

Arrive in style on Mahe Island, fresh from your post-wedding flight, by taking a helicopter to the MAIA Luxury Resort & Spa’s private helipad. Once on land, you’ll be greeted by a personal butler for your stand-alone villa that carries a “beyond all inclusive” package, featuring daily yoga, non-motor watersports, and scuba diving. You can’t beat the view—a secluded hillside overlooking the Indian Ocean—either.

St. Lucia | Jade Mountain

On a beautiful island, this may just be the most beautiful resort. Individual bridges lead to Jade Mountain’s “sanctuaries,” complete with their own infinity pools. Each provides open-air views of the surrounding mountainside, jungle, and, of course, beaches.

So where will you go? Wherever you choose, just know that “happily ever after” starts with the honeymoon.

10 African Safaris That Will Change Your Life

10 African Safaris That Will Change Your Life

Africa is renowned for its extraordinary wildlife and stunning natural wonders, and no vacation there would be complete without a multi-day safari.

Whether you’re looking for a 12-day excursion, or a small tour, here are some of the best African safaris to check out:

1. Kenya Exclusive Tented Safari 2019

This luxury safari takes guests on a whirlwind experience that marries exploration and discovery with romantic intimacy. Guests stay in tented accommodations in absolutely stunning locations. Days are filled with open-vehicle safari tours and Kenya’s most sought-after wildlife, while nights are replete with African sunsets, candlelit dinners and roaring fire pits.

2. 10-Day Cape & Kruger Safari

Explore Cape Town and Kruger like never before. Throughout 10 days, you’ll visit the breathtaking Table Mountain, winelands, and other natural wonders, while observing a vast array of wildlife, such as African penguins, white rhinos, kudus, impalas, giraffes, cheetahs, elephants, reedbucks, klipspringers, and warthogs, to name just a few!

3. 8 Days Rwanda, Congo, Uganda Safari

If gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking are on your bucket list, this safari will be perfect for you. You’ll hike Mount Nyiragongo, an active stratovolcano, with its red, glowing lava creating an otherworldly vision at night. Sunset cruises, game drives, and more round out this amazing experience, along the way, witnessing lions, elephants, buffalo, baboons, hippos, crocodiles and more.

4. Serengeti and Selous: A Week-Long Safari for Families

A perfect, adventure-packed trip for families, this dream vacation even includes a private guide to help you decide your daily activities, which is especially helpful when planning around specific needs and/or children. Plane rides, open-air 4×4 game vehicles, and river rides enable you and your family to enjoy this special journey via air, land and water!

5. The Hemingway Wing Safari

A tribute to both old Africa and Ernest Hemingway’s deep love for it, this unforgettable safari features old-fashioned, three-tent camps, and five flights to showcase the very same stunning landscapes that charmed “Papa.”

6. Kenyan Safari – For the Love of Elephants

Perfect for those who want to get close and personal with African elephants, this spectacular safari is jam-packed with both thrilling activities, and plenty of time for relaxation. You’ll meet elephants, enjoy breakfast with giraffes, learn about big cats, ride camels, spend time with local Maasai & Samburu tribes, and witness the vast wilderness and wildlife of the Maasai Mara National Reserve from a hot air balloon, among much more!

7. Hwange Walking Safari

This remarkable exploration through Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe spans several ecosystems and a wide diversity of flora and wildlife, including lions, buffalo, spotted hyenas, blue wildebeest, impalas, leopards, and countless bird.

8. Luxury Jordan 2019

While not located in Africa, we just had to include this phenomenal excursion. At the crossroads of Asia, Africa and Europe, this Arab nation in Western Asia offers adventurous travelers guided historical tours through ancient cities and ruins, exploring caves and inspecting artifacts along the way. Stops include Amman, Madaba and Petra, where you’ll visit tombs, archaeological sites, and even take a dip in the Dead Sea!

9. 7 Days Rwanda Safari Tour

Trek the gorgeous landscape in search of mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, and other primates. Whether a canopy forest walk, afternoon canoe ride, or beautiful Twin Lakes, there are plenty of opportunities to spot these majestic creatures, a well as golden monkeys, vervet monkeys, rarely seen silver monkeys, owl-faced Hamlyn’s monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, olive baboons, grey-cheeked Mangabeys, and so much more.

10. Madagascar Wildlife Safari

There’s nothing quite like experiencing a safari on the fourth-largest island in the world. Madagascar has something for everyone, whether you want to take in the flora and fauna, get lost inside an enchanting rainforest, or spend a few nights on the remote island of Tsarabanjina snorkeling and scuba diving. You’ll encounter include a variety of lemurs, exotic birds, reptiles, and invertebrates, among many fascinating creatures!


The Best Time to Daydream About Your Destination Wedding is Now!

The Best Time to Daydream About Your Destination Wedding is Now!

I know that trying to plan your destination wedding during these unprecedented times is tough!  Although your plans may be on hold right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t dream about your future destination wedding celebration!

I want you to know that I am going to continually be a source of destination wedding inspiration  for you by creating posts containing images, stories, and information about some of the top destination wedding venues and trends available! My hope is to give you a lot of reasons to daydream about your amazing day, as well as, give you something to look forward to!  So keep daydreaming about your upcoming celebration, because I am going to give you plenty of ideas to dream about!

For the moment, feel free to browse around my website, check out my other blog posts, so you can start getting a regular dose of wedding inspiration!

If you are stressed out and overwhelmed trying to figure out how to plan your destination wedding, then you may want to schedule a complimentary 30 minute strategy session with me so we can get you unstuck and on your way to planning your amazing day in paradise and one to cherish for a lifetime!

I look forward to connecting with you to plan your dream wedding!

15 Wedding Tips for an Incredible Destination Wedding

15 Wedding Tips for an Incredible Destination Wedding

Destination weddings can be a lot of fun, but only if couples know what they are getting into.  After all, these weddings can be a little different than a regular ceremony in a church followed by a reception at a nearby location.  For a destination wedding, couples need to carefully determine who they want to invite, how they will entertain their guests before and after the wedding and figure out how to choose the perfect location.

Thankfully, there are many people who can help couples with the planning of destination weddings!  Plus, there are a few tips that every couple should know before they even get this process started.

15 Wedding Tips for an Incredible Destination Wedding

  1. Always Choose Who Pays for What in Advance

Since this is a destination wedding, guests may make the assumption that the couple is paying for everything.  Therefore, couples must decide what items they are paying for when it comes to their guests and what their guests will need to cover.  It is then important to let their guests know this information prior to the RSVP date.

  1. Plan the Wedding Well in Advance

Not everyone has the money they need to fly partway around the world to see a couple get married, which is why couples must plan their destination wedding well in advance.  This will ensure that the guests who really want to attend can do so.

  1. Always Choose a Meaningful Destination

While a couple may have always wanted to wed in a small town halfway around the world, it may be better if they choose a destination that means something to them both.  It can also be helpful if couples make sure that the destination that they choose has the resources to give them the best wedding and reception possible.

  1. Keep the Local Traditions and Cultures in Mind for a Destination Wedding

Depending on where a couple has their destination wedding, they may need to be aware of the local traditions and cultures.  This will ensure the couple does not do anything offensive during their ceremony or reception.  The couple should also share pertinent information with their guests, so the guests do not do anything they shouldn’t as well.

  1. Create a Wedding Website

There is a lot of information needed for a destination wedding and the best way for a couple to share it all with their guests is via a wedding website.  Guests can easily look at this website to see where they should be at what time for all scheduled activities.  Guests can also learn about transportation methods, the address of their hotel, and emergency contact information all in one place.

  1. Think Local and Save Money

Depending on the location, brides and grooms can save a lot of money by utilizing the local ambiance for their wedding.  This may mean using gorgeous flowers already in pots, or growing from the ground, down in the tropics or vines and other vineyard items for a wedding in wine country.

  1. Hire a Professional

Couples may think they can easily plan their wedding on their own, but it is difficult to accomplish everything when it comes to destination weddings.  A professional will have completed multiple weddings in the area already and they can help couples deal with any issues that arise.

  1. Create a Budget

Some couples go into their wedding without a budget in mind and then realize they spent more money than they should have later on.  Destination weddings are excellent for couples looking to stay on budget, but they need to have a number in mind before all the planning begins.

  1. Choose Attire to Match the Wedding Destination

A bride’s dress is always the most important piece in a wedding, but a bride will want to choose her dress carefully when deciding to have a destination wedding.

  1. Always Carry the Dress onto the Plane

As a bride is traveling to the destination of her wedding, she may be tempted to check her wedding dress with the rest of her luggage.  Carrying the dress on the plane will prevent it from getting lost before the big day.

  1. Always Arrive to the Wedding in Advance

Couples are going to want to arrive to their wedding destination a few days before the ceremony to welcome their guests and make sure everything is ready.

  1. Never Do Too Much Do-It-Yourself Projects for Destination Weddings

Some couples are super creative and want to tackle many different do-it-yourself projects for their big day.  This can be a mistake for many couples having destination weddings, because there simply isn’t enough time to get it all completed.

  1. Take Advantage of Free Perks

Couples will often get free perks when their guests all stay at the same hotel or resort.  Couples should take advantage of these free perks, since it will make their experience better.

  1. Be Flexible

Every couple knows what they want for their wedding, but flexibility has its perks too.  Sometimes lower rates are offered for different menu options, while extra photographs can be worked into an already agreed upon package.

  1. Don’t Worry about Those Smaller Things

Brides and grooms should never worry about those smaller things at their wedding.  Something is always going wrong at weddings and couples need to forget about those items and focus on what is truly important.


These fifteen wedding tips for destination weddings will have couples enjoying every moment of their destination wedding, as well as the planning that leads up to it.  While couples may not need all these tips, most of them are helpful no matter what type of wedding is being planned.


10 Reasons Destination Weddings are the Perfect Option

10 Reasons Destination Weddings are the Perfect Option

Destination weddings can be a wonderful option for couples, because they allow couples and their guests to experience a different part of the world for a special occasion.  While everyone is required to travel for a destination wedding, this travel is often welcomed and needed by many people.  Once you add in all the amazing things that normally occur during a destination wedding, it is easy for couples to see why this type of ceremony is a better option than simply celebrating back home.

10 Reasons Destination Weddings are the Perfect Option

1. Guest Lists are Often Smaller

One of the best things about destination weddings is the guest lists are often smaller than traditional weddings back home.  These weddings allow couples to truly consider who they want at their wedding and enjoy a few days with them before and after the ceremony.

2. No Stress

Most couples will agree that wedding planning ranks up there with root canals and other major events in life.  However, a destination wedding comes with very little stress since couples are working with professional wedding planners.  These planners take care of all the little details, allowing couples to relax and focus on themselves and their guests.

3. Quality Time with Guests

As mentioned above, couples have the option to spend lots of quality time with their guests when they have a destination wedding.  Depending on where the wedding is, couples and their guests can take guided tours, go sailing, do a little hiking, visit a few wineries, and even go bungee jumping.  The best part is the wedding planners can help with all the little details when it comes to planning each activity.

4. Ability to Save Some Money

Surprisingly enough, couples can easily save some money when they choose a destination wedding.  There are many resorts that have affordable wedding rates and they almost always have special packages that include rooms and much more in the price.  Couples can even honeymoon in the same location as their wedding, saving them even more money since they won’t need to spend extra money for flights, accommodations, and other things somewhere else.

5. Plethora of Options for Photos

Photos are oftentimes the best part of a wedding day, because couples can look back at the pictures for years in the future.  While couples may only have one or two options when it comes to photo locations back home, destination weddings always offer so many more.  Couples can choose their favorite, or they can choose to go from one to the next, making every photograph more magical than the one before.

6. Unique Ceremonies

Regular wedding ceremonies can all feel the same, but a destination wedding allows couples to choose the ceremony that is best for them.  Couples can choose short and sweet, long, or a completely unique ceremony that they created for their big day.

7. Couples Choose the Attire

When it comes to destination weddings, many couples will choose to do something a little different and change the dress attire.  Some brides can be seen wearing sundresses, while grooms are in nice shorts and shirt at beach ceremonies.  In other destination weddings, there may be a theme that has every guest dressed up to match the couple for both the ceremony and reception.  The options are endless for couples with destination weddings!

8. Ability to Choose the Perfect Location

There are many times when couples simply settle for a location near where they live for their ceremony and reception, because that is all that is available for the day they have chosen.  However, couples that choose destination weddings have the capability of choosing from thousands of different locations around the world.  No couple will ever need to settle for second best when they decide on a destination wedding for their big day!

9. Enjoy the Day

It is so much easier to enjoy a destination wedding than a regular wedding, because couples have so much more time.  Plus, since couples will not need to deal with any of the details for a destination wedding, they can focus on themselves and their guests instead of everything else.

10. Memories to Last a Lifetime

The memories that are made during a destination wedding can last a lifetime!  Couples can also choose to return to that same location in the future, whether to renew their vows, rekindle their romance, or simply re-experience the same magical moments that they had during their wedding.

Destination weddings can be incredible, which is why more and more couples are choosing them for their special day.  Any couple that has been wondering whether a destination wedding is best for them should carefully weigh all the pros and cons.  Afterwards, couples can finally take the plunge and decide that a destination wedding is everything that they want and need for starting their new life together.


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