Want the Perfect Destination Wedding: Consider These Venue Options

Want the Perfect Destination Wedding: Consider These Venue Options

There are several venue options available to create your perfect destination wedding.

Consider These Venue Options for the Perfect Destination Wedding


There is no rule that states you must sink your toes in the sand of an island for a destination wedding. Any beach around the world will do for your wedding, so choose one that offers meaning to you and the person you love more than anyone else in the world.


Chapels offer a charming ambiance for weddings, especially those on a smaller scale. If you are looking for cozy and quaint for your destination wedding, then a chapel might be the option that is best for you.


There are thousands upon thousands of gardens around the world, and many of them are going to be close to your home. You can choose from any garden for your perfect wedding destination. Of course, you should make sure the flowers will be in bloom when you have your wedding if you want the best ambiance, especially when it comes time for pictures.


Saying “I do” as you stand in the middle of a gazebo, or on the steps to one, can be the wedding destination of your dreams. You can choose a gazebo in the middle of a park, out near the ocean, or at the top of a mountain. The options are endless when it comes to gazebo weddings, so use your imagination as you create the wedding of your dreams.


Standing on a pier, as the waves come rolling in, will create a magical effect that is perfect for your destination wedding. No pier wedding will ever be the same, because the water never comes in the same way, the sun never creates the same shadows, and the ambiance is always changing.


Not many people consider saying their vows up in the sky, but it is a possibility if you do not mind planning in advance. You can do this during a hot air balloon ride, when you are riding in a plane, or simply enjoying the views in a helicopter.

These are just a few of the venue options you can choose for a perfect destination wedding. The goal is to find a destination that feels special and magical to both of you, so you can relish in the memories you make on your wedding day!

No Passport? No Worries! Choose One of These Amazing Honeymoon Destinations

No Passport? No Worries! Choose One of These Amazing Honeymoon Destinations

A passport might be necessary to fly to other countries, but you do not need to leave the US to have an incredible honeymoon! In fact, within the United States, you will find almost as many gorgeous destinations like you would around the world.

Choose One of These Amazing Honeymoon Destinations that Do Not Require a Passport

Maui, Hawaii

One of the most romantic places within the United States is Maui and it is often at the top of the list for honeymooners like yourself. A few things you can do during your incredible Maui honeymoon include sailing, a sunset dinner cruise, helicopter tour, and a massage for two. You can also do a little hiking to nearby waterfalls and paddle a kayak out to the coral reef.

The Big Island, Hawaii

There are so many islands within Hawaii, but the Big Island has everything you will want on your honeymoon. Your days can be spent stargazing, taking a sunset cruise, wandering through the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Gardens, and hiking the Waipio Valley to see the stunning waterfalls. If you are seeking a little more adventure, you may want to consider getting closer to the volcanoes within the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

It is easy to get to any of the US Virgin Islands from almost anywhere within the United States, which is why they are considered the perfect honeymoon destination for those who do not have a passport. One of the first things you should do in St. Thomas is take a tram ride to see where everything is on this gorgeous island. Afterwards, you can go shopping, take an ecotour, and spend a little time at Blackbeard’s Castle.

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

A honeymoon in St. Croix will mean a lot of time in the sun and the sand, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find something else to do during your fabulous vacation on this island. Consider exploring history at the Apothecary Hall Museum and the Christiansted National Historic Site before going snorkeling and spending a little time at the bioluminescent bay after the sun sets.

Key West, Florida

The sun is always shining, and the temperatures are always warm, down in Key West. Those two things make this part of the US an amazing honeymoon destination you will love. A bike ride around Old Town can be followed by a picnic at Fort Zachary State Park. No matter what you are doing, you should stop and change course a couple hours before the sun sets. This will allow you time to get over to Mallory Square for the Sunset Celebration.

These are five of the best honeymoon destinations that you should consider if you do not have a passport and do not want to get one. Any of these areas will allow you to have the adventures you want, as well as the downtime you crave on your fabulous honeymoon.

Love Astronomy and Your Zodiac Sign: Consider Using the Flowers that Match Your Sign for Your Wedding

Love Astronomy and Your Zodiac Sign: Consider Using the Flowers that Match Your Sign for Your Wedding

If you are always reading your horoscope and trying to determine how your life will end up according to your Zodiac sign, you may want to consider your flowers according to your Zodiac sign for your wedding. Of course, it is always fun to see what the stars bring to each and every day, so this is an excellent option for any couple, even if they don’t know their astrological sign.

Consider Using the Flowers that Match Your Sign for Your Wedding

Aries – Honeysuckle

Zodiac sign Aries is considered the very first sign and it is considered the start of something new. Honeysuckle flowers bloom in early spring, bringing in the new of a beautiful season.

Taurus – Poppy

Those people who are born under the Taurus sign stand their ground, while showing extensive beauty and lots of positive actions. Poppy flowers are quite similar with their strong colors and the beauty they display once they bloom.

Gemini – Lavender

Geminis are social and energetic, and while lavender is calming, it is the perfect match, because lavender is anything but boring.

Cancer – White Roses

There are many different colored roses, but the white rose matches the personality of those people born under the Cancer sign. Anyone born under this Zodiac sign find comfort in the well-known and usually stray away from major adventures. All white roses are considered elegant and offer a subtle beauty that cannot be ignored.

Leo – Sunflower

People born under the Leo sign are quite outgoing, even more so than Geminis. They bring happiness everywhere they go, which is why sunflowers are the perfect option with their bright beauty.

Virgo – Buttercup

A Virgo will never want to be in the center of attention, but they still have a personality that allows for plenty of fun. Buttercups are quite subtle, as they blend into the background, but their beauty truly shines at the perfect time.

Libra – Rose

Libras are well loved, as are roses that share peace as well. People born under this Zodiac sign have quite the passion for everything they do, and the rose shares its passion through its bright colors and the blooms that peak at the exact right moment.

Scorpio – Geranium

Those born under the Scorpio sign have many different signs, so you may never know exactly what they are thinking. Geraniums are quite similar, because once you think you have seen the perfect bloom, the flower will do something unexpected and flourish even more.

Sagittarius – Carnation

Carnations are quite strong and hearty, and those are the same qualities of those born under the Sagittarius sign.

Capricorn – Pansy

Capricorns are known for getting better with age and pansies are the flowers with the same qualities. Pansies work hard to show off their beauty, which is the same as every Capricorn.

Aquarius – Orchid

A person born under the Aquarius sign can be very quiet, but they also have an energetic and loud side when they are around people they know very well. Orchids are similar with their delicate beauty that proves hearty when necessary.

Pisces – Water Lily

Those people with the Pisces sign always show affection uniquely and the water lily is a flower that is just as unique. This flower is quite whimsical, and it is a beautiful flower that will stand out at any wedding.

Now that you know which flower goes with which Zodiac sign, you can easily choose the perfect flowers for your wedding! While you don’t need to use these flowers, you may want to consider them since they are designed to be the best according to your sign.

Planning Your Dream Wedding?  Consider a Cruise Destination Wedding….

Planning Your Dream Wedding? Consider a Cruise Destination Wedding….

When it comes to planning dream weddings, there are several options you can choose from. You can have one in the gorgeous church down the street from your childhood home or one at the beach where you met your significant other. However, have you ever considered a cruise destination wedding?

Everything You Must Know when Planning Your Dream Wedding and Considering a Cruise Destination Wedding

  1. Cruise Wedding Options

When you choose to have a cruise destination wedding, you can choose to get married right on the ship or you can have your wedding on land when you reach one of the ports. The options are almost endless when you do a cruise wedding, so you will need to choose which one is best when it comes to making your dreams come true.

  1. Guests for Cruise Destination Weddings

If you choose to have your wedding on the ship before it sets sail, you can have your guests on board with you for the ceremony. They will then leave the ship and return home, while you head out on the honeymoon cruise of your dreams. Of course, if you are having your wedding at sea, or once you reach land at one of the ports, you can create a package that will have your guests sailing with you for the entire journey.

  1. The Perfect Length for a Wedding Cruise

If you are planning your wedding and honeymoon all in one, you are going to want to choose a cruise that is at least seven days long. This will allow you to enjoy all aspects of your wedding and honeymoon, as well as everything else the ship offers.

  1. Choosing the Perfect Details

When you choose a cruise for your wedding, you may need to let go of some of the details you may have wanted since you were little. The cruise line will often take care of the flowers, as well as the many other intricate details of a ceremony, which will leave you will nothing to do but get dressed and arrive at the alter on time.

  1. Best Destinations for a Wedding Destination Cruise

While there really isn’t a bad destination for a wedding cruise, you will find that St. Thomas, Jamaica, St. Lucia, and Alaska are some of the more popular options.

These are the five things you must know when you are planning a cruise destination wedding. These types of wedding ceremonies are becoming more popular, since you can combine the ceremony with the honeymoon and not worry about any of the smaller details. Therefore, add this to your list of possible options when you are ready to plan your big day!

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