Choose Your Honeymoon or Romantic Getaway Destination According to Your Zodiac Sign

Choose Your Honeymoon or Romantic Getaway Destination According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Many people believe the stars align when they finally meet their soulmate, so why not choose your honeymoon destination according to your Zodiac sign! You may be amazed at the destinations you can choose from and you will realize that each one is as perfect as can be.

Choose Your Honeymoon or Romantic Getaway Destination According to Your Zodiac Sign


As an Aries, you will want to consider honeymooning in Rome or another destination in Italy. You can make a wish at the Trevi Fountain, relax on the Spanish Steps with a cup of gelato, and watch the sunset over the gorgeous city of Rome. Simply stay active with the love of your life and you will have a honeymoon to remember!


It is all about the great outdoors of Peru for those under the Taurus sign. A trek to Machu Picchu is a must, but there are so many other ways you can connect with Mother Nature during your visit. You may be stepping out of your comfort zone a little on your honeymoon, but you will love the stability and security you feel as you see the a part of Peru that has been there for centuries.


The River Seine, Gardens of Versailles, and the Eiffel Tower are only a few of the things you will truly appreciate during your honeymoon in Paris as a Gemini. As a couple, you will have many stolen kisses, as well as romantic dinners and long strolls under the moonlight. This is wonderful, because as a Gemini, you love life and all the experiences you can discover away from home!


The rainforests of Costa Rica welcome all people with Cancer Zodiac signs, and you will love spending your honeymoon in the great outdoors. While you can relax on the beach, do not forget to take the time to visit with the native monkeys. You might not be an avid traveler who loves jetting off to new destinations, but Costa Rica will offer those cozier moments you cherish.


Colombia is where Leos must spend their honeymoons, especially in the city of Cartagena. There are so many one-of-a-kind treasures you can shop for in this city, although you may be too busy exploring to do any shopping. As an outgoing person, you will find the vibrancy of this city and country incredible and you will never want your honeymoon to end!


Downtime awaits all Virgos over in Phuket, Thailand. There are many different accommodation options, so you can easily have the honeymoon of your dreams. The best part is you can plan this type of honeymoon down to the last minute, so your research skills will come in handy!


The wineries and vineyards all over Napa Valley are waiting for honeymooners at any time of the year. It is best to stay at one of the Bed and Breakfasts at any of the wineries, because it will give you an authentic Napa Valley experience. You will love the beauty that surrounds you everywhere, so have your camera ready to capture it all with your spouse.


The waterfalls on any of the Hawaiian Islands are the best place to spend a honeymoon, at least for Scorpios. While you can honeymoon on any of the islands, the island of Oahu is the best when it comes to flowing water and off-the-beaten path beaches. Nature on this island is as confident and bold as Scorpios, so be prepared for a honeymoon you won’t have anywhere else in the world.


Everyone under the Sagittarius sign will want to book their honeymoon immediately! There are so many destinations to choose from, but if you are like many other couples, the Caribbean will be calling your name quite loudly. Choose a few different islands to visit if possible, because your Zodiac sign understands that you love exploring and learning.


It is easy to learn something, while taking time to relax and unwind over in India and that is what makes it the perfect honeymoon destination for all Capricorns. It is best to explore many different cities if you can, but you should at least see the most popular temples and palaces during your visit. Just make sure you stay organized and have a plan for your honeymoon or you won’t find yourself enjoying your trip as much as you could.


There is action all day and all night in Ibiza, which is why those under the Aquarius sign love honeymooning there. The energy in this part of the world is electrifying and you will find that sleep won’t come easy with everything on your honeymoon to do list. Use your imagination and stroke up conversations with strangers to really see the best of this part of the world.


Pisces normally live life as it comes, but they welcome the structure that is available over in Tokyo. You can easily use your imagination to make what seems mundane more exciting, but make sure you relish those times where authenticity is the best. This will ensure you dream about your honeymoon and your future vacations together for a very long time.

These are some amazing destinations you should consider according to your Zodiac sign.

Considering a Hawaiian Vacation? Check Out These Amazing Resorts!

Considering a Hawaiian Vacation? Check Out These Amazing Resorts!

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Each Hawaiian Island has a plethora of resorts to choose from when you are selecting your accommodations for your visit. While each resort offers something unique, there are a few that stand out from all the rest.

Considering a Hawaiian Vacation? Check Out These Amazing Resorts!

Aulani Resort

Aulani Resort is a Disney property on the gorgeous island of Hawaii. A stay at this resort will have you enjoying a plethora of amenities including a kids’ club and on-site entertainment. A concierge can help you plan your days, so you can do as much as you wish without breaking your vacation budget.

The Kahala Hotel & Resort

The Kahala Hotel & Resort can be found on Oahu and your first memory will be receiving an aloha lei greeting. This resort is near all the major shopping destinations within Waikiki, as well as the ever-popular white sandy beach. What takes this Hawaiian resort to the next level is their private lagoon filled with dolphins.

Ritz-Carlton on Waikiki Beach

Every suite and studio room at this Ritz Carlton offers ocean views and separate living rooms. The on-site restaurants will have you dining without venturing too far from your room or the infinity pool on the eighth floor of the hotel. While the infinity pool is spectacular, it is the spa that will transport you to the relaxing state you desire.

Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa

This elegant and luxurious resort can be found on the island of Kauai, near the white sandy beaches of the Poipu area. When you are not in your room, you will find yourself out in the numerous pools, wandering through the gardens, or relaxing in the spa. Almost every inch of this resort offers views of the ocean and you never need to leave the grounds to do any shopping with the twelve thousand square feet of retail options.

The Fairmont Orchid on the Big Island

The Fairmont Orchid is a family friendly hotel where you can live the life of luxury with the help of the concierge. You can experience Hawaiian culture, the fun at the beach club, and the openness of the spa during your stay at this hotel. Add in a multitude of on-site restaurants and your Hawaiian vacation will be better than you ever imagined.

Koa Kea Kauai

The oceanfront rooms at the Koa Kea Resort are what Hawaiian vacation dreams are made of. Your favorite meals may be enjoyed poolside via the Poolside Bar & Grill, but make sure you take at least one night to enjoy the elegant atmosphere at Red Salt.

Four Seasons on Maui, Oahu, and Lanai

According to past guests, you can never go wrong with a stay at any of the Four Seasons on Maui, Oahu, and Lanai. Each resort is surrounded by lush landscape, gorgeous pools, and Hawaiian culture. Add in the multiple activities you can do both at the resorts, and off the grounds, and you have a magical Hawaiian vacation you will never forget.

These are seven of the amazing resorts you should consider when you are planning a Hawaiian vacation. While you may instantly have a favorite between them all, make sure you choose one that is on the island you want to visit the most.

Planning a Destination Wedding in Hawaii? Which Hawaiian Island Fits Your Style

Planning a Destination Wedding in Hawaii? Which Hawaiian Island Fits Your Style


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Out of all the Hawaiian Islands, there are five that stand out from all the rest. Those five islands are perfect for destination weddings, which is why they should all be at the top of your list when you are planning yours.

Planning a Destination Wedding in Hawaii? Which Hawaiian Island Fits Your Style


The Big Island, which is also called Hawaii, is one of the best destination wedding locations in the world. You can get married out on the beach, down near the lush jungle, or near one of the many waterfalls. Add in the numerous resorts with wedding venues and you will have almost too many options to choose from for your destination wedding.


The island of Maui is more relaxed than some of the other Hawaiian Islands, which can be good and bad for your destination wedding. It is best to make sure you get everything in writing and work with only the best wedding planners to avoid a few missed items on your big day. With that being said, past couples have raved about their destination wedding experiences on Maui.


Flights to the island of Oahu are plentiful from many parts of the US, so getting there is hardly ever an issue. There are quite a few wedding venues to choose from and many couples choose to incorporate the Hawaiian culture into their big day. Add in the perfect weather, at any time of the year, and everything will be amazing for your big day.


Attention to the most personal details are what makes the island of Lanai stand out from the rest of the Hawaiian Islands when it comes to destination weddings. Vows can be said down on the beach, over at Hulopoe Bay, or within the gorgeous uplands of the island. Focusing on the intricate details will ensure your destination wedding is perfect in every way.


Having a destination wedding on the island of Kauai will have you checking the conditions of the weather and environment of the venue you choose before making any commitments. After all, crashing waves in the background may or may not be exactly what you have in mind for your destination wedding. If you do not want the beach as your backdrop, you can always choose an adventure wedding that will have you saying “I Do” by a waterfall or inside a cave. The options are plentiful on this magical island.

Choosing a Hawaiian Island for your destination wedding will not be easy, but there is one that will be perfect for the wedding you desire. Simply choose the one that fits your wedding style the best and make it as amazing as you can!




Here’s where to go on your Romantic Getaway to Mexico!

Here’s where to go on your Romantic Getaway to Mexico!

Have you been to Mexico?

Mexico is – if nothing else – is huge. And unlike a lot of the world’s biggest countries (Russia, Canada, and the USA – because of Alaska) it’s not just a frozen wasteland. Pretty much every part of the country is inhabited, and pretty much every part of the country has things going on. In fact, a trip to Mexico without a guide wouldn’t just be foolish – because you’d miss out on so much – it would be downright intimidating!  The best way to see Mexico is – simply – to make more than one trip. Pick one or two places off of this list that sounds nice – and limit your touring to them. Trust that this warm, wonderful country will be calling you back, and that you’ll return.

That said, here are the top, must-see spots for your many visits to Mexico:

1. Puerto Vallarta: There’s a lot more here than the wonderful Pacific Ocean. Not to mention authentic regional food, and tequila tastings! Check out the landmarks, like Los Arcos and the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe – all of which make for wonderful photo-ops. And then there’s the ocean. There are wonderful beaches – rivaling any in Cancún. Or head to the shore for a cruise to one of the nearby islands, or a whale watching tour.

2. Cozumel: This island is a famous stopping point for Caribbean cruises – but it’s a great trip from the mainland, too. The highlights are the wonderful reefs that surround this Caribbean jewel, around which there are wonderful spots for snorkel and scuba. The marine life that you’ll see is unbelievable!

3. Cancún, Tulum, and the Playa del Carmen: This whole beach – from Cancún to Tulum – is worth a stay of a week, or maybe even a month. The sand is spotlessly white, and coconut palms abound. After all, this is the Caribbean! The Caribbean coast – and the Yucatán Peninsula – is a wonderland of pristine beaches and beautiful jungles, mystical Mayan ruins and sinkholes filled with water where you can plunge in for a swim. Even if you visit nowhere else in the country – Cancún is a must-see!

4. Mexico City: Once the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, this mountain city – the country’s most populous – is loaded with culture and history. Aztec sites and ruins, fantastic food, and world-class hotels. Don’t miss the Palace of Fine Arts and the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. And consider a food tour – where you’ll be introduced to Mexico’s finest. One thing to know is that Mexico City is at a high elevation – 2,240 meters, or 7,350 feet. If you’ve ever had shortness of breath, keep this in mind before you sign up for any extreme sports in the city!

5. Cabo: Many people – even if they’ve heard of nothing else in Mexico – know about Cabo San Lucas. But, while it’s renowned as a spring break party spot, there’s much more here. Go clubbing galore – but also check out this city’s fantastic, luxurious hotels and top-notch golf courses. If you’re looking from a respite from Cabo’s nonstop fiesta, stay in nearby San José del Cabo: a great place for relaxation.

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3 Incredible Costa Rica Road Trip Ideas

3 Incredible Costa Rica Road Trip Ideas

Is Costa Rica on your travel bucket list?

You haven’t lived unless you’ve had at least one road trip in a tropical country. Costa Rica is home to the most picturesque scenery and vibrant culture. Go beyond typical tourism by renting a car and hitting the road to explore the many sights of Costa Rica. We give you some Costa Rican road trip suggestions.

San José to La Fortuna

If you’re arriving in San José and taking a trip to La Fortuna, you’ll find that the drive is smooth and easy despite its curvy road. This trip ensures views of the beautiful national parks and stunning exotic wildlife. The Arenal Volcano is a popular tourist attraction. It is one of the world’s top active volcanoes and erupts once a day. Getting a glimpse of red-hot lava and columns of ash is an invaluable experience. After a long day of taking in the country’s beauty, rest at the Arenal Observatory Lodge or grab a bite at the Lava Lounge Bar and Grill.

Monteverde to Playa Grande

Although the journey from Monteverde to Playa Grande is bumpy and steep, with roads being riddled with potholes, gorgeous beaches and visits from the majestic sea turtles are a sweet treat to many. Playa Grande is home to the Leatherback Sea Turtles. They lay eggs and build nests between October and March, and between April and September, the eggs hatch, and thousands of baby turtles hobble their way into the ocean. To witness this beautiful scene and get up close and personal with these sea creatures, arrange a tour at Las Balulas National Park. Stay at the charming Hotel Las Tortugas, where you can take in views of the sunset from your room.

Tamarindo to Santa Teresa

While the drive from Tamarindo to Santa Teresa is not the smoothest, you are rewarded with breathtaking landscapes. Take a break from sightseeing and stop at one of the sopas (small restaurants) and indulge in authentic Costa Rican cuisine, from empanadas to patacones (deep-fried, flattened plantains). Additionally, Santa Teresa is the perfect destination for both relaxation and leisure. Its idyllic white-sand beaches are great for laying down a mat doing yoga or grabbing a surfboard and catching a wave. Continue your relaxation at the laid-back Hotel Tropico Latino, where you can enjoy a full-service spa.

If you’re ready to experience these unique road trips for yourself, contact McMillan Elite Travel t today so they can get your travel experience started. Happy trailing!

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