Are you looking for a fully planned itinerary?

Always missing out on the perfect photo op?

Are you looking to travel with other professional like-minded people?

Do you feel unsafe when traveling alone?

Paradise VIP Travel realizes that planning a group vacation can be stressful, so leave the planning to us!

Booking as a group, you are able to SAVE and possibly have opportunities for FREE UPGRADES. Additional benefits include:

  • Arrangements are much easier. You don’t have to plan anything.  Leave the planning to Paradise VIP Travel.
  • Companionship: It provides you an opportunity to meet other like-minded travelers.
  • Photographer: Selfies are great, but sometimes it is great to have someone to help with the pictures.
  • Safety: You will be less of a target than traveling alone.  Remember their is safety in numbers.

Escape the Mundane. 

Looking for curated experiences? Our Group Travel allows you to experience the destination off-the beaten path while forming lifelong friendships.

Our intimate trips fully immerse you in the local culture, traditional cuisine and top landmarks of the destination. Escape your everyday life and experience new adventures with us. 

We have a passion for what we do, and that’s why we ensure our itineraries are fully planned with your fun and safety in mind. Regardless of if you’re looking for relaxation or adventure, Paradise VIP Travel has a travel program for you.

Explore the World in Comfort!

Coordinating group travel can be stressful, and that’s where we come in. We provide you with a fully-planned trip with no hidden surprises. Our group travel allows you to check off your bucket list destinations whilst connecting with other professionals from all around the country. Sit back, relax and experience your next getaway with us!

 TRAVEL ESCAPES 2022 & 2023


Aruba: May 25 – May 30, 2023

Close your eyes and picture miles of white sandy beaches, palm trees dotting the coastline, clear blue water stretched out in front of you, and the warm Caribbean sun on your skin.

This could be you during your next trip to Aruba. Find your bliss on a relaxing island getaway. Let your worries be carried out with the tide as you fall into the rhythm of island life in Aruba.

Celebrity Cruise

Departing from Athens, Greece

Sept. 16 – Sept. 23, 2023

Discover the country’s many charms; breathtaking natural landscapes and islands dressed in blue and white promise to put you under their delightful spell.

You deserve this trip. There are so many adventures to be had there!


Dubia: November 5 – 11, 2022

There’s nowhere on Earth quite like Dubai. Here’s where the impossible becomes a reality. A building so tall you can look down and sometimes see clouds? An artificial island made of of sand (and no metal or concrete)? A mall – in construction – bigger than 100 football fields? These aren’t science fiction. They’re real. And all of these things can be found in Dubai. So get on over there – and blow your mind!


south africa 2024

Africa is a dream destination!

Home to exotic wild animals and extraordinary scenic beauty, Africa is simply unforgettable. From Safaris, to spas, to helicopter rides over the desert, Africa takes luxury seriously.

Spend the day exploring the wild expanse of the jungle and the nights eating unique cuisine from a 5 star resort.

Africa is waiting for you. Join us as we travel to South Africa, a once in a lifetime adventure that you will cherish for a lifetime!

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