Cuba for the Ladies!

Cuba for the Ladies!

There’s nothing quite like a girls’ trip. No responsibilities, no men or kids to look after, just you and your besties, letting your hair down and spending quality time together. But not just any destination will do for your girls – if you love travel as much as we do, you want something special, magical, a trip you and your squad will be telling stories about for years to come. Well, we’ve got the perfect place for your next girls’ trip. Ladies and, well, ladies, it’s time to go to Cuba. 


Travel to Cuba might sound a bit intimidating, and there are a few important things to know before you go, so let’s get that out of the way first: 


Visa and Passport – You will need a visa to travel to Cuba, and your passport will need to be valid for at least 6 months after your intended arrival date. Visas can be obtained at a Cuban embassy, or often through the airline you’ll be traveling with. Always do your research beforehand!  


Money – Ladies, deep breath: you’re going to need to create a budget and stick to it, as you’re going to have to bring all your money with you. US credit and debit cards generally won’t work in Cuba, and the exchange rate at the local banks is very high, so you’ll want to take your cash with you.  


Safety – You’re probably wondering if Cuba is safe for a group of gorgeous ladies like you and your besties, and the answer is yes! Just use common sense, don’t flash your cash (might be a good idea to invest in a money belt, just to play it safe), and don’t do anything crazy, and you’ll be fine. It’s probably a good idea to hire a guide too. 


Ok, now that the boring bit is out of the way, let’s talk about the beautiful experiences that await you and your girls in Cuba! 


Roll your own – Who says cigars are just for the boys? Sign up for a tour of a genuine Cuban cigar factory and learn how these legendary treats are made. Try rolling one yourself, and be sure to sample the results! 


Feeling thirsty? – You can’t come to Cuba and not try the rum. Many bars offer rum tastings, and you can kick it up a notch by finding one that does a rum and cigar pairing. Nothing beats a Cuban cigar and a punchy rum cocktail with your besties. A true taste of Cuba!  


Hit the dance floor –  After all that rum, you’ll be ready for some dancing!  Look for bars that offer dance lessons. You and your girls can learn the salsa, rumba, tango, and other spicy, sexy, sassy Latin dances that get your hips shaking! Show off your moves and dance all night long! 


Cruise in style – The only thing better than exploring the vibrant streets of Havana is doing it in a classic car. Various companies offer different car tours that will take you around the iconic, colorful streets of Havana in style, just like you and your besties deserve. 


Beautiful beaches – After all the rum, dancing, and exploring, you all deserve some relaxation. Head to Varadero for breathtaking stretches of sugary white sand beaches, quirky cafes, and laid-back vibes. 


Mouthwatering food – We’ve saved the best for last because the food in Cuba is unreal. Tantalizing meat stews, fried plantains, and mojo dip (that’s garlic, onion, olive oil, citrus, and herbs), aromatic arroz con pollo (rice and chicken mixed up with all sorts of delicious herbs and spices), or the simple medianoche, the iconic Cuban sandwich of ham, swiss, and mustard served panini-style… we’re getting hungry just thinking about it.  


As you can tell, we love Cuba, and we know you will too. And to make it even easier to travel to this fantastic place, instead of dealing with visas, exchange rates, and finding a guide all on your own, why not let an experienced travel company handle it all for you? Get in touch today and let’s make your dream Cuba girls’ trip a reality.