Instant Family: Just Add Travel

Instant Family: Just Add Travel

Have you ever noticed how easily children make friends? They just run up to another kid in the playground, ask, “Wanna play?” and then that’s it. Instant friends, sometimes for life. It’s a little harder for us grown folk, though. You can’t just run up to another adult and ask if they want to play. (I mean, you could, but you’d probably get some weird looks.) Making friends as an adult usually happens at work, in church, or with other parents from the kids’ schools. But there’s another way to make friends for life that is often overlooked, and that is through group travel.


When you sign up for a group trip, you’re committing to spending a lot of time with a whole group of strangers. This can be a bit intimidating, especially if you’re traveling solo. But there’s nothing to be apprehensive about – your new travel companions are basically destined to be your new travel family for three simple reasons.


You already have something in common. The fact you’ve all signed up for a trip to Greece/South Africa/Jamaica/wherever you’re going already shows that you have a common interest. Chances are, you’re going to meet people you wouldn’t normally spend time with, from different parts of the country and different backgrounds – and that’s one of the best parts of travel. But you have one definite shared interest: you all clearly love to see the world and experience new things.


You’re going to share unforgettable experiences. How many of your friends have watched the sun rise over the African savanna with you? Or tried a fresh Cuban cigar with you in an authentic cigar factory? Probably not many. These are the sorts of excursions you’ll be enjoying with your group. Sharing these unique experiences will create a bond unlike any other, the bond between people who know they’ve shared something extraordinary.


You can be your best self. When we’re stressed and busy with life, it’s hard to make time to get to know new people. On a group trip, you’re all there to relax and enjoy yourselves. No work dramas, school activities, or any of the baggage you carry around every day. You get to just be YOU without all the stress, and so does everyone else. You’re all just living your best lives, being present and sharing incredible moments together – the perfect way to get to know new friends.


You’ll build bonds during your downtime: During group trips, you can use your free time to connect with fellow travelers. Even though there is a set itinerary, you may naturally find yourself spending downtime with your new friends. Whether it’s enjoying breakfast, lounging by the pool, or exploring local shops, these casual moments can lead to unexpected bonding experiences. You may be surprised at how quickly and deeply you can connect with someone in simple moments when your guards are down.


You can keep building your bonds when the trip is over: In today’s digital age, staying in touch with your new travel friends after the trip is over is easier than ever. You don’t have to say goodbye and end your connection once the trip ends. Instead, you can stay connected through social media platforms, exchange phone numbers, or even have a video call through Facetime. When time permits, meet up for a short trip.

You can even join the same travel group, experience new adventures in a different destination, and build your bond even further.


When you travel with a group, it’s almost like creating a new family. Yes, you might get annoyed with each other and occasionally bicker, but ultimately, you’re building bonds that have the potential to last a lifetime. You’ll laugh together, tell stories over dinner, and end up with ridiculous new inside jokes that don’t make sense to anyone outside the group. Think of it like an easy recipe: instant family, just add travel. So next time you’re planning a vacation, why not consider joining a group trip? No fuss, no stress, and a whole new travel family, waiting for you to join them.