Getting married is a big deal, which is why every bride needs to have an incredible bachelorette party before the big day! While there are several ways to throw this party, a trip with your girlfriends before tying the knot, is a great option. Therefore, you will want to choose an incredible bachelorette getaway.

6 Incredible Bachelorette Getaways for 2020

  1. Cayman Islands

A bachelorette party in the Cayman Islands will have you and your friends spending your days out on the water sailing, swimming, and even snorkeling. Dancing the nights away is possible at the numerous nightclubs like O Bar and a quick drink before heading out can be grabbed at bars like Nectar’s Bar. Before heading home, you all must have a spa day at one of the amazing spas on the island.

  1. Cancun

The daytime hours in Cancun are always about the beach, whether you are there for a regular vacation or a bachelorette party, but the latter offers so much more fun in the sun and the sand. When you are planning your bachelorette party, you may want to plan a little time at the Mayan ruins in Chichen Itza one day. The rest of your time can be spent sailing or swimming in the ocean or a local swimming pool with a bar. Isla Mujeres is an excellent island destination that everyone in your group will love.

  1. Montego Bay, Jamaica

There is so much to choose from for a bachelorette party in Jamaica, but Montego Bay is the best place to experience most of it. When you want to explore other areas of the island, you will be happy to know that you are not too far from the popular areas of Ocho Rios and Negril. From waterfalls to ziplining and dolphin excursions, Montego Bay has it all. However, everyone says that the sunsets are the best in Negril, so make sure you are there one evening.

  1. Dominican Republic

The atmosphere and ambiance in the Dominican Republic are quite vibrant, which is why so many brides choose it for their bachelorette getaway. You should imagine days filled with surfing, boat rides, and lots of swimming, while your nights will be spent out on the town at the different nightclubs.

  1. Cruise

Your every whim will be met when you take a cruise for your bachelorette party, so this is the option you must choose if you expect luxury, elegance, and the option of being treated like royalty. You will never need to worry about how you are getting back to your room at night, unless you are in port, and the nights basically never need to end anyway.

  1. St. Lucia

Not too many people realize how stunning St. Lucia is in the Caribbean, which is why it is often left out on the bachelorette party list. However, if you are looking for fascinating landscape, amazing activities, and enough rest and relaxation on the beach in between, St. Lucia is the destination for you!

These are the six incredible bachelorette getaway destinations you must consider when planning your bachelorette party or planning one for a friend. You will love every minute of your time in the Caribbean and the bride will have a fantastic time before she gets married.

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