There are several venue options available to create your perfect destination wedding.

Consider These Venue Options for the Perfect Destination Wedding


There is no rule that states you must sink your toes in the sand of an island for a destination wedding. Any beach around the world will do for your wedding, so choose one that offers meaning to you and the person you love more than anyone else in the world.


Chapels offer a charming ambiance for weddings, especially those on a smaller scale. If you are looking for cozy and quaint for your destination wedding, then a chapel might be the option that is best for you.


There are thousands upon thousands of gardens around the world, and many of them are going to be close to your home. You can choose from any garden for your perfect wedding destination. Of course, you should make sure the flowers will be in bloom when you have your wedding if you want the best ambiance, especially when it comes time for pictures.


Saying “I do” as you stand in the middle of a gazebo, or on the steps to one, can be the wedding destination of your dreams. You can choose a gazebo in the middle of a park, out near the ocean, or at the top of a mountain. The options are endless when it comes to gazebo weddings, so use your imagination as you create the wedding of your dreams.


Standing on a pier, as the waves come rolling in, will create a magical effect that is perfect for your destination wedding. No pier wedding will ever be the same, because the water never comes in the same way, the sun never creates the same shadows, and the ambiance is always changing.


Not many people consider saying their vows up in the sky, but it is a possibility if you do not mind planning in advance. You can do this during a hot air balloon ride, when you are riding in a plane, or simply enjoying the views in a helicopter.

These are just a few of the venue options you can choose for a perfect destination wedding. The goal is to find a destination that feels special and magical to both of you, so you can relish in the memories you make on your wedding day!

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